Monday, 13 February 2017

Negative ions in a nutshell.

More people than you would expect are struggling with regular headaches, allergies, sickness and just an overall feeling of having no energy or vitality these days. Struggling to sleep and then having to resort to energy drinks and coffee to help us get by. Society blames stress, technology and the pace of our modern lives. Well, they are half right. 

A big aspect of all these issues stems from a lack of negative ions in our homes and lives in general. No one talks about them, no one mentions them. Very few people even know they exist and even less know what they do, yet they are crucial to us being healthy. Without them, our bodies have very little fighting chance of staying healthy in the long run. So, what are these negative ions that we am talking about...

Negative Ions occur naturally in nature and can be found in all places that give us vitality and energy. Places that improves our mood, reduces our stress levels, makes us feel healthier and stronger, younger and full of energy just by being there. 

Found abundantly near flowing water sources, in forests, next to the ocean, near waterfalls, in caves and high in the mountains. These places are natural negative ion generators and this is why we feel so good when we are in or around them. Negative Ions help our cells function more efficiently, produce energy more effectively and get rid of waste products more readily. 

In our modern lives, with the lack of flowing water sources, lack of trees and ever increasing levels of pollution we find that we also have a serious lack of negative ions. Modern living, with all our electrical appliances, air conditioning and pollution not only strip the air of essential negative ions, but also produce positive ions that are not good for our health and cause cells to deteriorate at an increased rate.

Luckily for us, there is no such thing as natural negative ions and man made negative ions. Ions are the exact same thing whether produced by trees and flowing water, or by a powerful Negative Ion Generator. In fact, a quality Negative Ion Generator will produce many more negative ions than trees can. Buying a quality Ion Generator is essentially bringing the goodness of a forest into your home. Finding the right Ionizer however, is key.

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