Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How do negative ion generators / ionizers affect your meditation?

Many people nowadays try to practice meditation. There are so many different forms of meditation, and so many opinions on how to effectively meditate that it's hard to really know what is going on.

Meditation in simple terms is complete focus or concentration on an object, whether that object be physical or non physical. You are actively focusing on something to the exclusion of other things. There are many different methods, some which use visualization, some which use tangible feelings others a combination of both and then there are those that purely have the intent of noticing what is going on.

Many believe that you meditate better and have better results when feeling tired, after having had long day. Some actively stay awake with little sleep so that they can meditate. Thinking it is easier to enter a state between sleeping and waking, seemingly meditating for hours without it feeling as long. They are falling asleep thinking they are entering deep levels of meditation. This is not a good way to achieve the results you want from meditation.

It doesn't matter in which way you meditate really, all methods in essence require focus and concentration. Focus and concentration are the two key aspects required to have a meaningful meditative experience.

Negative ions will, and have been proven in many studies to, improve focus and concentration. Sitting / Standing / Laying down / Walking in an area high in negative ions with the intent of mediating will improve your overall focus and concentration for the entire time you are there. High levels of negative ions will help your mind and breathing settle into a state of calmness much quicker than if there were none.This means your will have your body relaxed, but your mind awake and alert, much quicker than without high levels of negative ions.

Most of us know the feeling of calmness you get when near a waterfall, on the beach or in a forest. Meditation in these areas is greatly improved, with a key factor being the high negative ion count. Sadly we all cannot go to these areas every day for meditation and we are left without the benefit.

This is not entirely true though. There is no difference between negative ions produced by nature, or by an Ionizer.  Truth be told an ionizer can produce negative ions in numbers than nature can't, and if you manage to find an ionizer than doesn't produce any ozone or positive ions, then you will experience the deeper levels of meditation in your own home, that can normally only be experienced when going to these above mentioned places.

My personal meditation has improved and I can easily feel the difference when meditating in a room with a powerful Ionizer present. They are worth the cost in my opinion and with improved meditation only being a very small aspect of the benefits that they bring, so many more benefits remain to be discussed.

Further reading can be done here: www.naturaironline.com/contents/en-uk/d34222_Negative-ion-generators-Ionizer-Meditation.html

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