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The best place to put your new Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer.

Now that we have learned about negative ions, we have learned key features to look out for when purchasing a negative ion generator and we have hopefully bought something that will function as promised. The next step is knowing where to place it so that you get the most out of your negative ion generator.

As we have discussed before, negative ions are used up very, very quickly. Depending on the output of you ionizer, will have a huge impact on where to put it, and how far away from it you have to be to get real health benefits from it.

If you have an  ionizer that has an ion output of about 5 trillion ions per cubic centimeter, then by the time you are 1 meter (3 feet) away from it, the ion count will already have dropped to around 1-5 million. At 4 meters (12 feet) you will be down to about 2-10 thousand ions per cubic centimeter. This figure is very important, as we want to be in areas with over 2000 ions/cc to really get a benefit in our daily lives. This is essentially the ion count one can expect to find in a forest.

Location Ions/cm3 (Approx)
  Waterfall  5,000-100,000
  Cave  5,000-20,000
  Forest  1,000-5,000
  Countryside  700-1,500
  City Streets  0-300
  Home  0-100

Having an ion count of around 2000 ions/cc is the minimum you really want in areas of your home you will be spending a lot of time in, but having more is always better. This is why placement is so vitally important.

Negative ions will be attracted to absolutely everything. The pollution in the air, the walls, the floor, the furniture and anything else around. Our modern building materials are not ion friendly, and here again, some knowledge will help you get the most out of your new product.

If you have an omnidirectional product, that is a product that releases ions in a 360 degree angle, then you want that ion generator placed in the most central location that you are able to in a room. As far away from any furniture, with the most amount of open air around it as possible. Negative ions can then spread into the air, being pushed further and further from the emission point. A negative repels another negative which means the more ions you are generating, the further they will be pushed into the room. If you place your ionizer well, less ions will be lost by absorption.

If you have a directional negative ion generator, then things are slightly easier. Now there is no requirement to have it centrally placed within a room(which is hard to pull off), and you have more options regarding position and elevation. Having ions directed in a particular direction means you can have it against a wall, or in a corner, facing the biggest area of open air available. You are also able to place in centrally, with an even distance from both the floor and the ceiling to allow the highest amount of negative ions to fill the air.

If you are hoping to benefit health wise with you new ionizer, then having it close to an area where you spend a lot of time would be a good idea. The closer you are, the more ions you breathe in, and the more benefit you will gain. Closer than a meter (3 foot) is something I would avoid. Buying a powerful ionizer that can emit an ion amount of over 100 000 ions/cc at around 1.5 meters (5 foot)  would then be ideal.

Electronics and negative ions however do not go well together, and it is wise to have at least 1 meter (3 Feet) distance between your ionizer and your electronic devices. A distance double that would be even better if possible.

Negative ions are wonderful for cleaning the air. A powerful ionizer can lower the PM2.5 level in whichever room it is in to below 10. This is extremely clean air and is what we should all strive to have. Having a huge open window letting the polluted air from the outside into your home in large quantities will drastically reduce ion count and any benefits you get from it. If a window needs to be open, have it open slightly, and if at all possible, do not place your ionizer close to one.

Lastly, if you have a humidifier in the home, try and have it in a separate room to the ionizer. If you use a ultra sonic humidifier, then have your ionizer as far away from it as possible. These humidifiers will fill the air with whatever contaminants were in the water you filled your humidifier with. Best case scenario you will get white stains all around your ionizer(the surface becomes electrically charged and pulls contaminants out of the air), worst case scenario you will be damaging your lungs and be sickly constantly.

I didn't mean to ramble for so long, but I hope this will help others to better place their ionizer / negative ion generator to get the most benefit out of it. It will hopefully also help you understand how important a really high ion output is when you want to have a whole room filled with negative ions and if you hope to improve your health and energy levels then it needs to be even higher.

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